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Our Mission & Promise

Lotus Park Senior Living’s mission is to provide the finest accommodations to residents, incorporating modern design and technology into the comfort expected, creating a new standard in care.  Our goal is to make a retirement lifestyle of comfort and assurance available to you.

Comfortable & Advanced

The communities and individual living spaces are designed with the comforts expected by the resident in mind and the technology for best care for the staff and families.  Each community sets out to create a standard of living, and each space incorporates the unique surrounds of the community.

Dedicated Staff

Lotus Point Senior Living hires individuals dedicated to working as a team to bring each residents individually designed comforts and if needed, assistance.  Our staff are trusted and responsible professionals with residents’ best interests in mind.

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Our Partners

Oaks Senior Living is a facility management partner who provides Lotus Park Senior Living with management, staff, and operation services.  Oaks Senior Living shares the vision of providing the highest quality experience and level of care for residence.